Disney Princess Castle Cake: Day 2

No fairytale castle is complete without its princess. So I molded these three fair maidens, by hand, out of gum paste. Each princess stands approximately 2.5 inches high and is completely edible!

Gum Paste Disney Princesses

This was my third attempt at modeling gum paste figures. The first was Princess Lollipop, for my Candy Land cake and the second was Raggedy Ann and Andy. The key is finding the foundation of your figure; what part of the body is going to hold the most weight. Find it, and then build around it. Think of each part of the body as a separate unit. Because of its size the skirts are the foundation of my princesses. I then added the bodice and chest area to support the arms and head.

Shaping Cinderella's Skirt

Since gum paste, modeling chocolate, and fondant are all sugar based. You can adhere the pieces by brushing on a bit of water with a food only paint brush. This breaks down the sugar just enough to allow it to stick together. I use watercolor brushes and keep them clean in between use with a little bit of Dawn.

Keep cornstarch on hand to prevent the gum paste from sticking to your fingers. Each of the small body parts are made out of a separate piece of gum paste. For example, there are four different colored gum paste parts for the head in the picture below. Ivory for the face, yellow for the hair, and two shades of blue for the hair band and earrings.

Gum paste Cinderella in pieces

Before… and After!

Finished Gum Paste Cinderella

If you are new to modeling gum paste people, then I suggest starting with a modeling chocolate and fondant mix. I prefer equal parts of both. There is a greater drying time allowance. If you don’t need the figure to be extra sturdy go ahead and use fondant. The sky is the limit. Here is a great and easy white modeling chocolate recipe that anyone can make in their own home! Enjoy!


About Danielle Kyle

I hail from the Appalachain Mountains of North Carolina and am the oldest of a large family. I am have birthed five beautiful children, who are all five years and under. Most importantly, I have a very supportive and loving husband who patiently bares all of my dabbling in everything artistically domestic. Once upon a time, we were song writer's who met on Music Row and as my husband likes to say, "We kissed more than we wrote!" Residing outside of Music City, TN this will be our first year homeschooling our 5 year old twin boys. Please join us in the joys, laughter and tears of the daunting task set before us.
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9 Responses to Disney Princess Castle Cake: Day 2

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  2. emily says:

    A-MA-ZING!!! 🙂

  3. Doris Kyle says:

    Ok, was watching “The Cake Boss” on Sunday waiting for the football game to start and you wouldn’t believe it, but the head guy was making a castle cake for his daughter who was celebrating her 6th birthday and she loves the Princesses, especially Belle. Sound familiar? Well I thought this cake was going to be…well….a WOW cake. I can honestly say that it did not hold a candle to the castle cake that you made for your princesses. His cake had the awful purpleish gray color on the bottom with fondant covered white pilars and horrible dark blue cones on top. Then he sprayed some gold dust on the highest cone. His princesses were large and ugly and looked like the evil step mothers from Cinderella instead of the 3 princesses. Anyway, Danielle, your cake would have won the contest had you entered it in a contest with this big “Boss” cake guy on TV. I’m not kidding, yours was the best, hands down!! A proud Mother-in-Law.

  4. Melissa says:

    very impressed! you are awesome!

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  6. ~LoL Doris, you are cracking me up. He does some amazing cake and I am flattered. Thank you so much for being proud of me and our family!!!
    ~Thanks everyone for taking the time to read! I am so happy you all liked the cake as much as we did! It was a great party and a great opportunity to brush up on some decorating skills! It is all worth it when you see their faces light up! Although I think everyone’s faces will light up in the presence of cake;-)

  7. Connie Bolda says:

    I am so happy I stumbled on your website while surfing for recipes about fondant, molding & gum paste. Your creativity and talent are just wonderful. I could not find your recipe for Gum Paste. I know you are busy, but could you PLEASE send me your recipe & instructions for gum Paste? You have no idea how much I would appreciate it.

    Thank you, Connie Bolda, Wallace, NC (connie5881@yahoo.com)

    • Hi Connie,
      I am ashamed at how long it has taken to write you back. I am glad you enjoy my blog! As you can see it it a challenge for me to blog regularly. Gum Paste is very easy. I like to use tylose powder to make mine. I use 1 Tbsp of Tylose powder to 1lb of fondant. For a dry climate use less Tylose for a humid climate use more. Knead it in with a little powdered sugar and keep wrapped up tightly. For the Disney Princesses I did mix in a little Tylose for their skirts. They were starting to sag and so I just sprinkled a bit in to add a nice firm texture. There are many websites that sell Tylose and now many craft and hobby stores. However, if you find it hard to come by in your area you can easily order it online. I never pay more than around $4 or $5 dollars for mine. I have quite a few cakes planned for spring and will begin blogging again soon. Thanks for reading! Danielle

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