Batmobile Cake

Here is a Batmobile Cake for our twin boy’s 5th birthday party! It’s a tribute to the “Great Caped Crusader”, who also happened to have recently turned five. Shhhh….. don’t tell anyone, but yes, the real “Batman” lives here!

The Batmobile Rides Again!

This was my first attempt at a car cake, click here to see my other cakes! This batmobile required hand carving. I used a 9×13 rectangular pan and an 8×8 square. I stacked one Double Chocolate Cake on top of the other with a layer of rich buttercream icing between and did not let my nerves get the best of me.  I used a mixture of black gel and luster dust to give my fondant a true black. All of the details on this cake are fondant. I cut each piece out by hand and used silver luster dust for both the headlights and rims and a dark red luster dust for the tail lights.

My batvision's all a blur Robin! Are those headlights?

To give luster dust a nice painting consistency I mix it with vodka. Unlike water, which dissolves your sugar based fondant, alcohol evaporates quickly. This allows you to freely paint your fondant without interfering with the look you are trying to achieve.

I used a tooth pick to give texture to both the wheels and the rims.  And for the wings/doors, I rolled the fondant thick and used my large veining tool to give the impression of batwings.

Holy bat wings Batman, is that a side view?

Since I have not had formal training and just enjoy torturing myself with HUGE projects (more on that later), I did alot of research before jumping in with my carving knife. After a long search for a great tutorial I stumbled upon this site for a “Lightning McQueen” car cake. I found this blog to be helpful, abundantly clear, easy to follow and just what I needed!

If you also enjoy torturing yourself for entertainment purposes and the delight of others, then I hope my adventure helps give you the boost you need. Now go! Find a cake and make it look like a car!


About Danielle Kyle

I hail from the Appalachain Mountains of North Carolina and am the oldest of a large family. I am have birthed five beautiful children, who are all five years and under. Most importantly, I have a very supportive and loving husband who patiently bares all of my dabbling in everything artistically domestic. Once upon a time, we were song writer's who met on Music Row and as my husband likes to say, "We kissed more than we wrote!" Residing outside of Music City, TN this will be our first year homeschooling our 5 year old twin boys. Please join us in the joys, laughter and tears of the daunting task set before us.
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6 Responses to Batmobile Cake

  1. Christina Kelley says:

    LOVE IT !

  2. Hi Danielle – thanks for stopping by my blog! And, um…excuse me? HAND CARVED?!?! I am in awe…amazing, amazing job on this cake! Your children (especially your new baby boy) are adorable!

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  4. vicky says:

    love this i made a batmobile cake myself but in a very cartoony style.

    check out!/2012/01/batman-batmobile-cake.html


  5. Bianca says:

    I absolutely LOVE your batmobile! I can’t believe that you don’t have formal training. I am planning on making a black golf 5 GTI for my husband..(His recent car that he adores! ) And you’ve given me a boost with your cake.. This is my 4th fondant 3D cake…and i am a bit fearful of what it will look like.. Thank you for sharing.. Bianca

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